On park

During the peak season of 2022, at the time of the construction trade holidays, Parc De Kievit will once again host an entertainment team. A group of enthusiastic boys and girls will organize activities with the children daily. Every week features a different theme and program. The activities will include playing games as well as arts and crafts. There will be something great for every child. Small children are allowed to bring their parents along. The activities won't be canceled in case of bad weather, they will simply be adapted to the circumstances. For more information, please contact Parc De Kievit's reception via telephone number 013-507 98 19 or by sending an email to info@parcdekievit.nl.

Every morning between 10:30 and 12:00, we start with creating a great arts and crafts project. After that, we have many different activities planned for all age groups. This includes archery, a hexathlon, a movie night, various games, and many more fun activities! Small children are allowed to bring their parents.

Due to the coronavirus, registration is necessary for every activity. The registration forms are at reception.

The activities go ahead even when the weather is bad; they will be adjusted to the circumstances. You can contact Parc de Kievit's reception desk for more information via telephone number 013-507 98 19 or by email: info@parcdekievit.nl.

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